Abigail believes creativity is at the core of everything we think, feel and do and can connect us on so many different levels. She has spent her professional life creating her own art as well as working creatively with individuals, groups and communities.

Abigail has worked as a Creativity Coach since the year 2001, collaborating on large and small-scale multi-disciplinary arts projects in the public, private and voluntary sectors.


Abigail enjoys working with individuals and groups in a flexible, nurturing way, always with a sense of shared curiosity and fun. Her most notable projects include a winter ‘Nightlights’ lantern procession in an ex-mining community, a giant ultra-violet arts installation exploring teenage identity in a cluster of secondary schools and a year-long arts-on-prescription scheme for adults looking to improve their mental wellbeing.


Abigail creates abstract paintings and collages inspired by encounters, moments and memories. She indulges in rich ribbons of colour and unusual textures on canvas, wood, fabric and paper. Abigail is interested in the moment the work becomes a point of reflection for the viewer, delightfully often in a form not originally intended.


Abigail has sold her work nationally and internationally and has exhibited primarily in the North East of England and South Eastern Turkey.

Abigail's creative flair is evident in everything she does.

She is an absolute listener and has a knack of tuning into the needs of those around her. This adaptive style allows her clients a unique opportunity to thrive and flourish.

Mark Labrow

Author of 'Creative Activities in the Secondary Classroom'

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Devon, United Kingdom

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