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Abigail's debut novel available to buy now!

After working for ten whole years on her debut novel, Abigail is now delighted to announce that in partnership with Britain's Next Bestseller Life Is Yours is available to buy on Amazon UK and Amazon US now!

LIFE IS YOURS tells the tale of the story of Jess, who within the space of a year unwittingly turns heartbreak and loss into the most magical time of her life. Find out more about this funny, touching and life-affirming story here.


Abigail's work with this fantastic charity

Abigail is proud to announce she is now working with the Torbay branch of Bluebell Care, Little Bluebell, to help parents of babies and toddlers with their emotional wellbeing. Abigail will work as a part of the team offering 1:1 peer support to mums who are currently unwell, in the community and as part of a 12-week therapeutic group programme called 'Mums' Comfort Zone'. Abigail is delighted to be part of this wonderful team and believes entirely in the value of the work carried out by Bluebell. If you'd like to find out more about what the charity can offer, visit


Workshops running in Torbay

Check out the What's On page for Abigail's current mindfulness opportunities for young people and families. At various times throughout the year, she runs individual workshops and programmes that teach the basic principles of mindfulness with a fun, creative and engaging approach. It's a chance to learn practical, relevant life skills in a supported and evolving way. Children learn how to access their own reserve of inner calm and how to live with more confidence, kindness and a greater understanding of the world around them.


A blog like no other

As one half of a multi-cultural couple and mum to two terrifying boys, Abigail is never short of a tale to tell on her blog. Combined with her intention to lead a mindful life, parenthood has got her blogging covered at least until the Lads grow up, move out and decide they can do without all the Playstation-related nagging.

Check out Abigail's blog, Mum In The Moment, and learn how she successfully intertwines a half-decent effort towards mindful parenting, creative living and the eating of lots of chocolate.


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