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Abigail Yardimci was born in Consett, Co. Durham in the UK. She has worked as a video rental person, a catalogue product-picker, a deli-sandwich-maker and an amazing barmaid. She eventually trained as an arts education consultant working across the North East of England, as well as a mindfulness teacher working with families and young people. She has sold her abstract paintings internationally and more recently worked on the frontline to support women and birthing people with perinatal mental health challenges.

Abigail now works as an author and has unleashed the Life Is Yours & Berryport Mysteries series' on the world. The books are published by Soft Rebel Publishing and all of them are available to buy on Amazon.

The Life Is Yours Series

The Life Is Yours Trilogy (the first three books) follows the adventure of one woman who goes from 'heartbreak to heart awake' in the space of a year. It's a story of love, loss and the beauty of circling back to yourself.

My Little Ramadan is the sequel to the Life Is Yours Trilogy, but can be read as a standalone story. It's all about how one exhausted mum hopes fasting for Ramadan will reveal the secrets to motherhood, life and everything.

The Berryport Mysteries

Murder at the Pirate Festival is the first book in this cosy, Devonshire-based series and is full of the swashbuckling adventures of teenager, Paulie Trinket. It's a totally unputdownable story with all the best elements of cosy crime - wonderful characters, an idyllic setting and a murder mystery that will have you wondering until the final pages.

Abigail is also a mum of two, one half of a multi-cultural couple and lives in South Devon in the UK. She loves to blog and gets her kicks from mindful parenting styles, creative living and chocolate in abundance.

Abigail loves hearing from readers, so please feel free to contact her


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