Abigail's debut novel, Life Is Yours was published by Britain's Next Bestseller in September 2019. It is now available to buy on Amazon UK and Amazon US or signed copies are available from Abigail's online shop.

From heartbreak to heart awake . . .

Who can say what has brought Jess and Lindy together? maybe it's the beach, the stars and the warm Turkish night air. But they may as well get settled for the night because Jess has a story to tell and Lindy is ready to listen . . .


Jess had life sorted. A gang of great mates, an adoring fiancé and a thriving business – she couldn't have asked for more. But the proverbial rug is whipped out from under her feet when the fiancé makes a sharp exit on New Year's Eve. Therein follows the Week From Hell, eternally streaked mascara and Chardonnay-a-plenty.


But this is the story of a woman on a path. Sure, there are a number of trips and falls along the way but Jess is on a journey that will change her life. On a boring business course, she remembers what she really wants. Strange new friendships are made, new ideas grow; and a last-minute discount holiday to Turkey helps her heart wake up to a whole new rhythm. A rhythm that is just beginning to get going . . .

The Life Is Yours Trilogy & More to Come . . .

Life Is Yours is the first book in a trilogy set so don't worry if you were left wanting more at the end! The second book, Destiny Is Yours will be released soon and the third book will be hot on its heels.

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I read Life Is Yours in one night and I really loved it!

Down to earth, emotionally honest and uplifting


#1 Bestselling Author of the Bad Mother Series

How did the story

really begin?

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