Please see below for any in-person events Abigail is attending or staging. 

If none of these are good for you, please join Abigail on social media where she regularly posts live videos, as well as lots of cool info about her books, creativity, parenting and mindful living. Her Mum in the Moment blog is also a great place to be.

Please feel free to contact Abigail if you would like to discuss a future event.

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Every Thursday night at 8pm (UK time), Abigail appears live on Instagram to connect with her readers, give exclusive readings and share all her bookish news. It really is a blast and is fast becoming the highlight of the week for Abigail and her faithful readers (who like to bring a glass of something yummy). Why not join her this week?!


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On Monday 23rd May, Abigail will be appearing on an all-female author's panel as part of Ilminster Literary Festival.

Abigail will be chatting with other authors local to the area, including Sophy Layzell, Hazel Prior and Helen Garlick about their experiences in publishing and writing. There will be a particular focus on writing fiction based on lived experience, as illustrated in Abigail's uplifting Life is Yours Trilogy.


There will also be an opportunity to buy signed copies of Abigail's books! Find out more here.

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