Day 21 of Ramadan Kindness

Its the twenty-first day of our Ramadan Kindness Calendar and it is safe to say that tonight I am positively basking in kindness.

Have you ever noticed how when your mind is on a particular theme or subject, you see it everywhere? I have. Whether it's serendipity or universal forces or just good old magic, I have noticed it many times in my forty years and I like it.

Since the Lads and I started with our kind intentions, I have noticed kindness hitting me from all angles. Sometimes it's good turns that I do myself, sometimes it's the beautiful things I see people do for each other, and sometimes it's things that other amazing humans do for me. All smile-worthy moments and to notice them is a skill worth crafting.

I started the day with a bit of a kindness cocktail. I had, about a week ago, somehow hurt my neck by opening a water bottle for Big Lad, with my teeth (I know!). It really jarred and it really bloody hurt. So, being a fan of massage, I booked a sports therapist to come to my house and sort me out. Of course, none of this could happen over the half term when the two tearaways were wreaking havoc throughout the home, so Callie, from Focus Therapies, turned up on my doorstep this morning.

It's safe to say that I feel A LOT better now. Callie's knowledge and clever hands were the kindest things I have given myself access to in a long while and reminded me that we mustn't forget ourselves on our kindness mission. After a fantastic massage and a good old chat, I felt like a new woman and ready to take on the rest of the day (yes, my mascara was squished and I had a questionable imprint on my face from the massage table, but who gives a damn when you feel THAT good?).

And I also feel I must share with you that I am currently typing this blog post sitting in an EMPTY house on a school night. No, I have not finally given away my children to the nearest passer-by, I have actually been brushed with kindness twice in one day. It is Big Lad's birthday tomorrow and to celebrate, a fantastically amazing mum I know offered to take both of my Lads to the cinema this evening along with her son. Actually, she offered for her husband to take them to the cinema this evening (which makes her even more fantastically amazing, obvs).

So as I bask here in the glow of kindness from all angles in my very quiet house, I shall tell you what kind act my Lads have managed to squeeze into their day, post-school and pre-cinema.

Actually, a picture paints a thousand words and all that, so here you go:

First of all, nobody, ever, can say the word 'Bubbles' and not slip out at least a little smile. And secondly . . . free bubbles!

This went down particularly well with the tiny tots picking up older brothers and sisters from school. My Lads delighted in this as they bug me and their Dad on a daily basis for a new baby (not happening) so they managed to get their cuteness fix with shameless bubble touting to anybody under three.

Cuteness fix!

There was a slight malfunction in the distribution line when pretty much every child who'd taken a bottle of bubbles couldn't get their plastic wand out of the soapy, slippery bottles. So before all hell broke loose and I was done for peddling faulty goods, I cunningly found a way to fish out the wands with my car keys, the toddlers formed an orderly(ish) queue and the bubbles finally began to waft around the playground in a most joyous way.

Little Lad and his best mate demonstrating the wares

Now if you'll forgive me, I am going to take advantage of the unconventional (and temporary) stillness of my home to go and create my own soapy bubbles in the form of a long, hot, indulgent shower.

Go well,



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