30 Days of Yoga - Be Free

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

Day twenty seven. The theme is 'Be Free'. And I feel anything but.

I guess it was bound to happen. That at some point on this self-inflicted thirty day yoga challenge, the theme Adriene Mishler chose for her millions of You Tube viewers was not going to suit me, in my little pocket of the universe. It's a wonder it hasn't happened before now.

So today, on day one of my monthly curse / gift (depending on how you look at it), day twenty seven of the yoga challenge did not go particularly well. When all I wanted was a hot water bottle on my groin, Adriene had me stretching into a rigid triangle shape. When I fancied scoffing several thousand kilos of chocolate, she had me arching into a wide-open three-legged down dog. And although I thought that child's pose would be my saviour, coming out of it sent the room spinning and a sense of sickness swept right through me.

Now I know that Adriene has a special yoga video for exactly this type of thing. I visit it most months and I love it because it's comforting and slow and involves a heck of a lot of pillows. But today I was but four days away from the end of my month-long challenge and I really didn't want to let the side down (what side that was, exactly, I'm not sure but my head is foggy and can't deal with complex thought at this time of the month, ok?).

As well as with determination (or head-strong stupidity perhaps) I approached today's video with at least that open mind and open heart that Adriene keeps banging on about. I KNEW I wasn't at my physical best, I KNEW that emotionally, things were topsy turvy and I also KNEW that was all ok. If I could just show up to the mat and give it a go, then that was enough.

I had the notion of breathing deep, the concept of finding freedom in my framework, and the invitation to feel a sense of authenticity and liberation. But honestly? My only sense of authenticity was white, clammy skin, dark circles under my eyes and a heavy burden of pain spread across my back, hips and entire pelvis. Hell, even my toes were hurting and for that I have no explanation.

The rest of the day involved a very lovely family day out shopping, eating and taking the Lads on numerous over-priced rides at Trago Mills. I was plagued by pain at every turn but nevertheless threw myself into the very serious business of go-karting and steering remote-control boats. As all you women out there know, there is only so much you can do to make this kind of day bearable (if only we could go back to ancient times when menstruating was revered and we were allowed to hide out in red tents for five days). So I did all I could do.

I made sure I drank a vat of hot chocolate to begin with and then I bought a sparkly dress for a tenner.

Well, what would you have done?

Go well,


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