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5 Ways to Accessorise Your Home with Plants

Plants are often excellent additions to a home’s indoor appeal. It is, therefore, unsurprising that 35% of people in the UK purchased more houseplants to beautify their homes.

Credit: Huy Phan

Bringing a touch of nature indoors also promotes a sense of well-being. Plants have numerous domestic uses, but the most popular one is to accessorise your home with carefully-selected indoor greenery. If you plan to change your home’s interior decor, plants can do the job perfectly. Below are five simple yet effective ways to enhance your home with plants.

1.) Create a statement wall with vertical gardens

Credit: Ksenia Chernay

The most common places you will find accessorised vertical gardens are wedding reception venues, birthday parties, baby showers, photoshoot locations, and so on. However, your living room can be an excellent place to incorporate a stunning statement wall with a vertical garden. This spot can easily become your home’s focal point and, more importantly, make good use of space if you live in a small house. Some houseplants take up a lot of floor space, so a vertical garden on a statement wall can be ideal. First, use wall-mounted planters or floating shelves to bring your ideas to life. You can use these shelves to display a wide variety of low-maintenance mini plants. Opt for different-sized plants if you want some variations on your statement wall vertical garden. A green statement wall adds a pop of colour to your home, brings a natural element indoors, and becomes a refreshing area. They can easily become your favourite spots in your house.

2.) Integrate plants into your furniture

Credit: Pixabay

People are easily attracted to modern furniture that adds class and personality to their homes. Even if you have one of those modern (and safe) flame effect electric fires for your fireplace, of course you’re going to want to try and spruce it up however you can, and plants are one of the best ways. However, that cannot be enough if you want to accessorise your home with plants. All it takes is committing time to find furniture pieces with built-in planters. Some are designed with unique surfaces to hold potted plants without looking out of place in your dwelling place. Some coffee tables are designed with built-in planters in the middle, so there will be no need to place a bouquet of artificial flowers on them. A few floating shelves also have integrated plant holders to make it easier for people who wish to infuse their homes with pieces of nature. They are innovative styles that save space in the home, especially when you live in a small apartment or house. It is easy to overwhelm your space with plant-embedded furniture. The tip, therefore, is to use such furniture moderately to avoid transforming your space into a full vegetation. One key rule in home accessorising is using less as more. 

3.) Enhance your entryway with a beautiful plant display

Credit: Pixabay

Your home’s entryway can be a welcoming oasis that makes coming back home worthwhile. Anybody will look forward to returning to a home with ample visual appeal created by natural elements like plants. Stylish planters define your entryway even more, so consider purchasing a few to create that look you want for your home’s entryway. Use a combination of tall potted plants and smaller ones to create definition and incorporate personality into your home’s design. It will be helpful to know more about the type of plants you choose for your entryway. Some plants thrive in indoor conditions, while others do not. Therefore, research which ones work best for your environment and probably with low-maintenance properties if you have a busy lifestyle. Your home’s entryway will look even better with well-crafted wreaths hanging on your front door. You can browse and find several carefully crafted ones at and many more online stores. Your entryway is a significant contributor to your home’s curb appeal, so leverage that to create an inviting space.

4.) Create a tranquil corner with indoor trees

Credit: Charlotte May

There are other options to try if you dislike having plants in every room at home. A tranquil corner with indoor trees can become a retreat within your property. The exciting thing about this is that it can be incorporated into every home design, whether big or small. All it takes is a dedicated space to place fiddle leaf figs, rubber plants, or other statement houseplants. It can be like an indoor garden when you add limited seating to the area. A few small chairs and a side table can transform that corner into a comfy retreat worth spending quality time in. With winter already blowing its chilly winds, an indoor tranquil corner will be an excellent addition to your home as you enjoy the warmth indoors. The meeting point of two walls in your house creates the appearance of a hideout, which is perfect for a home retreat. A dedicated green corner can be a peaceful oasis on a lazy Sunday morning as you cradle a cup of tea or hot chocolate in your hands.

5.) Establish balance with other indoor objects

Credit: Leeloo Thefirst

Balance is necessary for interior decor, and you can do the same with your houseplants. The stark contrast between indoor greenery and artificial objects creates a welcoming definition while adding character to your living space. You can achieve visual balance by using elements like size, shape, colour, and even weight. For instance, a small glass sculpture between two bright potted mini plants on your mantelpiece can draw focus to your fireplace. You can do the same with hanging wall art, household equipment, and other decorative pieces. Usually, minimalist-themed homes project this balance better. The incorporation of clean lines, symmetry, and neutral tones boosts the appearance and appeal of indoor balance. It can be challenging to achieve the same thing when your indoor area is struggling with visual noise. That is why interior decorators recommend toning down the noise by limiting bold colours and excessive eclectic patterns in your home. However, if you prefer bold shades and eclectic patterns, opt for plant shapes and sizes that complement your indoors. The subtle additions and contrasts create visual balance in your home’s decor.

The way you incorporate plants into your home enhances its appearance and overall appeal. Your home can be a sanctuary worth returning to after a hard day.

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