Day 5 of Ramadan Kindness

Updated: May 21, 2018

Today has been a special day in the lives of the Yardimci brothers. And that's really saying something considering it's a post-royal wedding and FA Cup Final kinda day. But you'll know what I mean when I say that today marked the arrival of a very special visitor from

Fancy London Town. None other than their 'Cool Uncle Matty'.

I can remember my brother actually saying that to me when Big Lad was born. He flew over to Turkey to where I was mad enough to push out my first child, and grinned as he held Big Lad's chubby, flailing form for the first time. "I'm not just going to be his uncle, I'm going to be his cool uncle."

And thus the oracle was written.

Really, though, it's ridiculous how little my brother has to do to be considered cool by my two children. What, do aunties and uncles just automatically exude charisma? Is it something that kicks in biologically as soon as a sibling creates another human being? Because no matter what I do (learn 'The Floss', memorise Minecraft trivia, agree to watch top 10 football goals on You Tube again) it's still not enough.

Uncle Matty, on the other hand . . .

Last night I suggested that Little Lad might like to decorate the whiteboard in the spare room with some kind of welcome message for his uncle. You know the kind of thing, 'We love you' or 'Welcome to Brixham' or even 'You're cooler than our mum'. Maybe a few hearts and kisses? Surely that would qualify as one of our kindness tasks for the month of Ramadan.

But really, I should know better what happens when Little Lad is given creative reign, because this is what he turned out . . .

Really? 'You are sarcastic' with a broken heart and a picture of Uncle Matty drowning with mad hair, an engorged bum and a poo? Really?

Apparently yes, really. And Uncle Matty is so cool he will understand the comic undertone.

Ok then.

And not only has Uncle Matty been given this artistic gesture to overlook him as he sleeps at night, but he was also offered a startling welcoming feast on his arrival.

Who isn't partial to a stale Quorn Ham sandwich?

(Don't worry, he's had a bag of salt & vinegar squares since then)

Never let it be said that the Yardimci Lads don't do things in style.

It's a bloody good job that as part of Cool Uncle Matty's uber status within the family, he is blessed with the good sense to love and cherish those boys no matter what they might throw at him. And do you know what? They love and cherish him right back (and that's kindness enough for me).

Go well,



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