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Day 6 of Ramadan Kindness

We're closing in on a week of kind acts from the Yardimci Lads as well as the number one man in their life having fasted through all of the daylight hours of that time. Really, the men in my life are amazing.

As it's a Monday, and we're back in the daily rhythm of school runs and after-school insanity, this is where the kindness ideas get a little more challenging. Of course, the Lads can come bursting out of their classrooms at 3.30pm regaling stories of helping a pal with their maths problems, or sitting with somebody different at lunchtime. But honestly? I think for this month in particular we need to be embarking on our kindness mission together.

It's not that I'm not delighted they even think to help out friends at school or notice when somebody needs a buddy - I am inexplicably proud when they tell me of these things and make sure they know it too. But for our very special month of Ramadan, as the hubby says, sometimes we need to do things that are a little bit more out of the ordinary.

And as Monday marks the day of the week when my Lads get their thespian groove on and take part in local youth theatre group, 'Project Performers', they both insisted this morning that they wanted to do something kind for their teacher, Polly.

We pondered over our peanut butter crumpets about what Polly would like to be given or have done for her as a token of our gratitude. Chocolates and flowers inevitably came up in the convo, which would have been nice, but Big Lad quite rightly proclaimed: "I want to give her something different. Something she wouldn't expect."

Although I agreed with Big Lad, I inwardly winced when I saw Little Lad nodding enthusiastically and waited for him to come up with all of the things Polly 'wouldn't expect' (let's not forget the 'welcome message for Cool Uncle Matty from yesterday's blog post). But to be fair, he reigned in all things fart, poo and snot related and actually came up with a really nice idea.

"I know, I know! Polly is always singing and last night she did a community sing-a-long didn't she? And she's always having to sing songs to show all the children what to do. I think she's probably got a sore throat and could do with some medicine."

Big Lad rolled his eyes in a way that announced his silent disapproval of the idea, but the early-morning cogs started whirring in my mind as the idea took shape. I even let Big Lad hook up with Siri (who I think he actually prefers to his own mother) to ask about some natural throat remedies for singers.

And even before the peanut butter crumpets were entirely gobbled up, we had a list. A list people!

So as I waved them off to go and fill their little brains for the day, they made me promise I would get everything on the list. Which, after what my fitness tracker tells me was approximately three thousand, six hundred steps (around Torquay, in the glorious sunshine), I did. I got everything on the list.

Ok, so it was a bit of a random gift, but as Polly sings professionally as well as shouting over what must be at least a hundred lively children per week, I have a feeling it will come in handy at some point.

So thank you Polly, for taking on my terrible twosome and giving them opportunities that mean so much to them that you were the first person on their mind today when they were asked about who they'd like to be especially kind to.

And everybody else - thank you for reading and watch out - you could be next!

Go well,



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