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Hello! And welcome to this media pack about the upcoming release of 'Murder at the Pirate Festival' by Abigail Yardimci.

On this page you should be able to find everything you need to share MATPF with your readers, subscribers and followers. The book will be released on Thursday 2nd May 2024 and is available for pre-order now!

Do get in contact if there is anything else you need to know.

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Book Details:

Book Title: Murder at the Pirate Festival

Author: Abigail Yardimci

Cover Reveal: 29th Feb 2024

Release Date: 2nd May 2024

Available at: Amazon / to order in stores

Genre: Cosy crime / mystery / young adult

Print ISBN: 978-1-7385290-0-1

Ebook ISBN: 9978-1-9168986-9-1

Print Price: £10.99

Ebook Price: £0.99 (special launch price)

Page Count: 356

Publisher: Soft Rebel Publishing

Book Details


Abigail Yardimci is an author of feel-good contemporary fiction as well as cosy murder mystery. She enjoys creating down-to-earth characters and scratching the surface of her own everyday life to find the underlying magic that connects us all.

Abigail is a neurodiverse Geordie girl living by the sea in Devon with her Turkish husband and two terrifying kids. She gets her kicks through mindful parenting styles, creative living and chocolate.

Contacting Abigail:

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About the Author

Marketing Blurbs and Hooks

Standard Blurb . . .


One dead pirate girl. Thousands of eye-patched witnesses. A whole Devonshire town struggling to believe it was murder.


Teenager Paulie Trinket dreams of popularity. After she witnesses something at Berryport’s annual Pirate Festival that could prove local golden girl, Tanya Withers, was murdered, she sees a chance to achieve her dream.


But making herself heard in this small harbour town isn’t easy. When Paulie discovers Berryport’s only detective has retired, she decides to investigate herself. Soon Tanya’s tycoon boyfriend starts acting shady, and Paulie’s offbeat inquiry style lands her a whole new circle of friends she didn’t even ask for.


With a college counsellor hounding her about her ADHD, sudden interest from Hollywood movie-makers, and the threat of her aunt’s bakery business going under, genuine friendship feels more unreachable than ever. Will uncovering the truth about Tanya really be worth it? Or could Paulie’s chance at happiness disappear like a pirate ship lost on a stormy sea?

Tagline . . .


Can solving a murder change your life?

Logline . . .


How one teenager's dreams of popularity rely on solving a murder of swashbuckling proportions.


Amazon Subtitle . . .


A totally unputdownable cosy mystery with Devonshire pirate festival vibes

Selling Hooks . . .​

Murder at the Pirate Festival is the first book in the Berryport Mysteries.


Don’t miss this fun and captivating coy page-turner. If you loved 'The Agathas' by Kathleen Glasgow and Liz Lawson, you’ll adore Paulie’s swashbuckling adventure in the Devonshire town of Berryport.


Buy Murder at the Pirate Festival and unlock Berryport’s mysteries today!

Hashtags . . .​

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Blubs & Hooks


Praise from Other Authors

"A cracking, effortless read, and a compelling mystery set in a small harbour community where all is not quite as it seems."

Chris d'Lacey

"I loved the character of Paulie straight away. Such a realistic character who jumps out of the page. You want to give her a hug, but she probably wouldn't want one!"

Karen Louise Hollis

"A swashbucklingly great read filled with characters you will long to know better in a town you'll want to keep coming back to. Five cannon blasts out of five."

Dave Holwill

"A cosy mystery packed full of intrigue spurred along by a cast of diverse characters who are written so well."

Chrissie Parker

More quotes coming soon . . . 

Praise from Readers

"Energetic and fun. The pages turn effortlessly."

Leslie Leggett, First Draft Books

"A wonderful cosy mystery with some extra layers of emotions weaved through. Gripping and exciting - I was avidly turning the pages and pondering the outcome late into the night."

Sue B

"This book will completely hook you from beginning to end."

Meena K

"A damn fine mystery with plot twists and dazzling descriptions that transport you to the very centre of the pirate festival."

Nix W

"A nice, easy read with a neurodiverse lead character, whose accurately portrayed traits really resonate."

Sacha A

"A very engaging read with energy and intrigue pouring from the pages. It really made me want to go to the pirate festival!"

Natalie N

More quotes coming soon . . . 

Praise for the Book


Cover Reveal . . .
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Book Quotes
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